The compact, low-cost MAXIMATOR High-pressure Pumps are driven by air or noble gas pressures between 1 bar and 10 bar. There are numerous potential applications for MAXIMATOR Pumps in machine engineering, oil and gas industries, chemical and pharmaceutical industries, defence, mining and the construction industry as well as in aviation and aeronautics.

MAXIMATOR Pumps are available in 5 sizes: M, S, G, GX, DPD. The sizes vary according to their suitability for different pumping media, wide ranging flow rates and their maximum allowable operating pressures. MAXIMATOR provides the best-suited fluid pump for each application.
 Lifting and Jacking - lifting tables, scissor jack lifts, beam jacking and aircraft jacking
 Hydraulic Operation - clamping devices, punches and pin presses, chucks, valve actuation
 Presses - cold isostatic presses, filter presses, hydraulic presses, hydraulic press actuation and
   system overload
 Testing - tensile test machines and pressure testing
 Miscellaneous - lubrication systems
 Hydrostatic Testing - valves, tanks, pressure vessels, pressure switches, hoses, pipes and tubing,
   pressure gauges, cylinders, transducers, well casings, BOPs, gas bottles and air craft components
 Burst and Cycle fatigue testing of above components
 Calibration of pressure gauges and transducers
 Water Blasting
 Leak Testing
 Emergency shutdown systems for oil and gas wells
 Pressurization of pressure vessels for testing various components
 Operation and Control of well service and well head equipment
 Inhibitor Injection of methanol and glycol in wells
 Coolant Injection
 Aviation and Automotive Testing - brake fluid, skydrol, transmission fluid and power steering fluid
 Chemical Fluid Transfer and Pressurization
 Test pressure generation for Mandrel Extraction Machines
 Waterjet cutting in intermittent servic
 Underground Mining Industry
 Rock and Coal Consolidation
 Tunnel and Bridge Construction
 Concrete Restauration
단위 : bar
Series Model
MO MO4 - 40
MO8 90
MO12 140
MO22 290
MO37 470
MO72 880
MO111 1000
M189 1000
MO~D MO22D - 280
MO37D 460
MO72D 860
MO111D 1000
MO189D 1000
S S15 - 170
S25 250
S35 390
S60 610
S100 1000
S150 1000
S~D S15D - 160
S25D 240
S35D 380
S60D 600
S100D 1000
S150D 1000
M M4(L) M4(L)VE 40
M8(L) M8(L)VE 90
M12(L) M12(L)VE 140
M22(L) M22(L)VE 280
M37(L) M37(L)VE 460
M72(L) M72(L)VE 860
M111(L) M111(L)VE 1300
M189(L) M189(L)VE 2200
M~-2 M111-2(L) 2500
M189-2(L) 4000
M~-3 M111-3(L) 2500
M189-3(L) 4000
M~D M22D M22DVE 280
M37D M37DVE 460
M72D M72DVE 860
M111D M111DVE 1300
M189D M189DVE 2200
G G10(L) G10(L)VE 110
G15(L) G15(L)VE 160
G25(L) G25(L)VE 280
G35(L) G35(L)VE 400
G60(L) G60(L)VE 630
G100(L) G100(L)VE 1050
G150(L) G150(L)VE 1450
G250(L) G250(L)VE 2650
G300(L) G300(L)VE 3140
G400(L) G400(L)VE 3980
G500(L) G500(L)VE 4500
G~-2 G10-2(L) G10-2(L)VE 220
G15-2(L) G15-2(L)VE 320
G25-2(L) G25-2(L)VE 690
G35-2(L) G35-2(L)VE 800
G60-2(L) G60-2(L)VE 1260
G100-2(L) G100-2(L)VE 2100
G150-2(L) G150-2(L)VE 2900
G250-2(L) G250-2(L)VE 4500
G300-2(L) G300-2(L)VE 4500
G400-2(L) G400-2(L)VE 5500
G500-2(L) G500-2(L)VE 5500
G~D G10D G10DVE 110
G15D G15DVE 150
G25D G25DVE 270
G35D G35DVE 400
G60DS G60DVES 630
G100DS G100DVES 1050
G150DS G150DVES 1450
MSF MSF4(L) Special

MSF8(L) 90
MSF12(L) 140
MSF22(L) 280
MSF37(L) 460
MSF72(L) 860
MSF111(L) 1000
GSF GSF10(L) Special

GSF15(L) 160
GSF25(L) 280
GSF35(L) 400
GSF60(L) 630
GSF100(L) 1050
GSF150(L) 1450
GX GX35 360
GX60 600
GX100 1000
DPD DPD 150 1500
DPD 200 2100
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